20% - 50% recurring revenue

Benefits of forming an agency partnership

Worke tools have been used by marketing agencies, advertising agencies, web design agencies, and web development consultancies to sell more services.

Here’s what you get when forming an agency partnership with us:

  • Access to today's top technology
  • More services on offer and expanded brand value
  • Recurring revenue as our tools work for you
  • Sales and marketing support to help you sell more
  • Customer success support to build the best tools
Refer or sell our tools

Tools you can sell with agency partnership

On average, our customers see a website conversion rate increase of 17-40%. Refer customers to Worke or sell our tools under your own brand.

Here are all the tools you can promote or sell directly to your customers:

  • Chatbot (Website, Facebook, and WhatsApp chatbot)
  • Engagement chatbot
  • Conversational landing page
  • Live chat
  • Dynamic form
  • Exit-intent popup
  • Floating Bar
  • Cookie consent management banner
  • Meeting scheduling software
  • Email signature software for big teams
  • Analytics report for websites and conversion tools
Bulk install 1,000+ tools all at once

Agency partnership for web development agencies

GDPR and cookie consent management are compulsory for all businesses. So a cookie banner for your web development service is a no-brainer. It’s low-hanging fruit for higher recurring revenue and very low effort with our help.

Our talented development team can bulk-create and install 1000+ tools at one time so you can be confident taking on those bigger clients. For instance, we can help web development agencies install and manage 1000+ cookie banners for all of your customers – again, in one go.

3 agency partnership models

How does the Worke agency
partnership work?

We have 3 agency partnership models where you’ll receive a recurring
referral of 20-50% – depending on the model you choose (or that we decide at a fixed rate).

Customer Referrals

If you don’t have the resources to convert leads, we’ll convert them for you.


You sell our tools under your own branding. You pay us an agreed fee for each tool you sell

Custom Partnership

Let’s chat about the requirements you have in mind and discuss a partnership based on that.


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