What is Worke Mobile App Widget? How is it placed on website?


The Worke Mobile App Widget is a tool that allows businesses to integrate their Worke mobile app directly onto their website. It provides a convenient way for website visitors to access the features and functionality of the Worke platform without leaving the website.

Placing the Worke Mobile App Widget on your website is a simple process. Here's how it works:

  • Obtain the Widget Code: In your Worke account, you can generate the Widget Code specific to your business. This code contains the necessary information to display the Worke Mobile App Widget on your website.
  • Insert the Widget Code: Once you have the Widget Code, you can insert it into the HTML code of your website. This typically involves placing the code within the body or footer section of your website's HTML.
  • Customize the Widget: Worke provides customization options for the Mobile App Widget, allowing you to choose the size, color scheme, and placement that best fits your website's design. You can customize the widget to align with your branding and website aesthetics. 
  • Publish the Website: After inserting and customizing the Widget Code, save and publish your website. The Worke Mobile App Widget should now be visible and accessible to your website visitors.

When website visitors click on the Worke Mobile App Widget, it opens up a mobile app-like interface that provides a seamless user experience. Users can access features such as client management, project management, task management, chat functionality, and more, all within the Worke mobile app environment.

By placing the Worke Mobile App Widget on your website, you can enhance user engagement, improve accessibility to the Worke platform, and provide a cohesive experience for your customers and team members across different devices.

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